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Ihlara Vadisi Yürüş


Ihlara Vadisi Yürüş
Ihlara Vadisi Yürüş
Ihlara Vadisi Yürüş
Ihlara Vadisi Yürüş
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The length of thıs valley is 14km in total from Ihlara Village through to Selime Monastery. You will depart early from your hotel to reach the valley. Once in Ihlara you will make your way along the Melendiz River which runs through the center of the gorge. The valley is different from the others in Cappadocia as you will experience the constant sound of running water and see many types of flora that cannot been seen elsewhere. You will stop in Belisirma for lunch before continuing through the remainder of the gorge until you reach the largest rock-cut monastery in Cappadocia, Selime.

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